Building web & mobile apps with speed & quality

Frontend? Backend? Mobile? No problem. One framework rules them all. No countless new APIs to learn. Just build fast with the tools you love - React, GraphQL, KOA, TypeScript, AVA, Webpack, etc.

building apps with OneFx
building apps with OneFx

Why OneFx?

OneFx is a high-level TypeScript Web and Mobile framework that empowers rapid development, clean code, and pragmatic design. Built by experienced developers, it reduces the hassle of Web development, so you can focus on your app, instead of reinventing the wheel. It’s free and open source.

  • Blazingly fast. Enjoy the modern dev technologies that are ready out of the box. If you know React, GraphQL, and KOA, you are already the master of OneFx, while other frameworks introduce way more new APIs than what you need.
  • Horizontally scalable. OneFx is Internet scale but without the complexity of complete separation of frontend and backend.
  • Tightly Secure OneFx takes security seriously and helps developers avoid many common security mistakes.

Who is Using OneFx?

OneFx is building fullstack Apps for these projects...
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